If you’re using the same password for almost all your accounts, you’re playing with a forest fire.

If a hacker figures out your one-for-all password, then s/he’s going to have access to almost your whole online (and some of your offline) world.

I know it can be a pain in the rump to have several passwords, but it’s going to be more of a pain in the rump if several of your accounts are compromised. You will have to go through the hassle of closing down accounts and changing passwords, emailing family/friends/colleagues to let them know you’ve been hacked and even canceling bank acounts, debit/credit cards and/or services.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with several secure and random passwords, try one or some of the following online, password generators:

  • Mnemonic Strong Password Generator – passwords generated on “something that you can pronounce”
  • RandPass.com – all passwords are 8-characters and lowercase with a non-alphanumeric character in the middle; you can have it generate 10 or more passwords; there’s also an option for generating more advanced passwords
  • SafePasswd.com – choices are easy to remember, only letters, only numbers, letters and numbers, all characters and hex; check/uncheck uppercase and lowercase letters; choose a length from 8 characters and up
  • Javascript: Password Generator – choose between four and 15 characters, check/uncheck for punctuation in passwords; check/uncheck for random length of passwords
  • Your simple strong password – a string of words you put together; hit your browser’s refresh button or F5 on your keyboard to get another password
  • Strong Password Generator – choose between five and 30 characters; check/uncheck whether to include symbols; gives you a mneumonic hint for remembering the password
  • techzoom.net Password Generator – choose between four and 64 characters, how many passwords you’d like generated; check/uncheck for uppercase, lowercase and numbers; type in which special characters (e.g., + – * @ # % = ? ! _ ; . /) you’d like to use
  • WhatsMyIP.org’s Password Generator – three different password generators: Quick Password Generator, Comprehensive Password Generator and WPA Password Generator
  • The Bitmill Inc. Free Password Builder – choose from one to 128 characters; check/uncheck uppercase, lowercase, numbers and punctuation; denote what to leave out of the passwords and what to put into the passwords
  • Random.org’s Random Password Generator – choose how many passwords you want to generate; choose from six to 24 characters; choose whether you want your passwords output to an HTML file or a TXT file; choose the type of randomization you want
  • Phonetic Password Generator – choose between four and 31 characters; check/uncheck consonants, vowels, numbers and special characters; decide on your password pattern
  • mytsoftware.com’s Strong Password Generator – choose password length; choose number of passwords generated; choose password format; tells you how strong your passwords are (e.g., “Should protect you against undedicated hackers.”)
  • Online Password Generator (dot-com) – start by clicking the “Create Passwords” button; then you can change parameters; check/uncheck whether to include numbers/symbols and/or to require numbers/symbols; enter minimum passwords lengths; check/uncheck whether to randomly capitalize letters
  • New Password Generator – gives you a choice between a “easy-to-remember password” and a “strong and safe password”
  • GeodSoft’s Password Generator – fourteen choices of how to generate passwords; whew!
  • maord.com’s MakePassword – choose from four to 64 characters; choose to generate up to 2500 passwords; check/uncheck for lowercase, uppercase, numbers, symbols, type-safe, hash values and password strength; choose how to receive passwords: webpage, CSV file or TXT file
  • pctools.com’s Secure Password Generator – choose from four to 64 characters; check/uncheck to show phonetics, letters, mixed case, numbers, punctuation, type-safe characters; generate from one to 50 passwords
  • MIStupid’s Password Generator – choose password length; check/uncheck uppercase, lowercase, numbers and non-ambiguous characters
  • US-Webmasters.com Password Generator – refresh to see passwords generated by this site; nothing to configure; simply use what you want from what they generate
  • Online Password Generator (dot-org) – choose from eight to 50 characters; check/uncheck for lowercase, uppercase, numbers, symbols and spaces; generate between one and five passwords

Many sources agree that secure passwords contain uppercase and lowercase letters, at least one number but not more than two of the same number in a row, at least one special character and will be eight or more characters in length.

Hopefully, one or more of the 20 password generators listed above will help you protect yourself online and wherever else you need to use a password.

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