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Free icons on IconsETC

Click the image to see all the icons and to get them free.

20 free password generators; secure your logins with more-secure passwords

If you’re using the same password for almost all your accounts, you’re playing with a forest fire. If a hacker figures out your one-for-all password, then s/he’s going to have access to almost your whole online (and some of your offline) world…. Continue Reading →

Sneak peek some of James Patterson’s best books for free (Kindle & NOOK)

James Patterson is one of the most prolific authors of our time. To date, Patterson has penned almost 90 books, and he doesn’t just write for adults. His “Witch & Wizard” series for children has netted him a wide audience… Continue Reading →

Online jigsaw puzzles at

Click the image to go to the online jigsaw puzzles.

W3Schools: learn how to create websites from the ground up for free

Website Builders give so many people the illusion that building beautfil websites is easy and anyone can do it. Many of those who use these cookie-cutter and/or drag-and-drop methods, however, realize how disjointed and non-creative their sites look once they’re… Continue Reading →

WhatTheFont! Find out what fonts your favorite sites are using

Take the guess work out of finding out what particular font a site is using by visiting MyFonts‘ online application called, WhatTheFont. You can either upload a file, such as a saved screenshot or a logo, or enter the URL of the… Continue Reading →

WooThemes also has free themes!

WooThemes is one of the premiere sources of premium WordPress themes on the web. The company was founded by Adii, Magnus and Mark:

The United States Postal Service will hold your mail for free

It’s not free computer stuff, but it’s free nonetheless, and you can access this service from your computer. So… Are you going to be away from your home and/or business for several days?

Free image editors: offline

I was doing a search on free image editors, and that’s how I discovered that there are more in existence than I was aware of. If you can afford programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Fireworks, then these… Continue Reading →

Free image editors: online

I was doing a search on free image editors, and that’s how I discovered that there are more in existence than I was aware of. This post is about free image editors that you can use online in your browser…. Continue Reading →

Resize several images all at once with Shrink O’Matic; also a mobile version

You’ve only got so many megabytes of space to send a bunch of images via email. You want to create a photo album that includes several images for your blog or website or image-sharing application, but every, single one of… Continue Reading →

Meet half way with MeetWays

With the extra security at airports and the escalating prices of plane tickets, sometimes flying can just be a pain in the rump. With the price of gas rising almost weekly, driving can cause you pain at the pump. Sometimes… Continue Reading →

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