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10 free faxing sites…

Many folks have switched to all-in-one printers that include the ability to fax, and some people even still have dedicated fax machines with the landline. However, what do those of us do when we don’t have either a dedicated fax… Continue Reading →

Boomerang extension for FireFox and Chrome allows you to schedule Gmail

If you’re an exclusive Gmail user, it’s possible you’ve run into the issue of how to draft anemail now and how to send it later. You may have set a calendar event to remind you to send your draft, or you may have… Continue Reading →

20 free password generators; secure your logins with more-secure passwords

If you’re using the same password for almost all your accounts, you’re playing with a forest fire. If a hacker figures out your one-for-all password, then s/he’s going to have access to almost your whole online (and some of your offline) world…. Continue Reading →

WhatTheFont! Find out what fonts your favorite sites are using

Take the guess work out of finding out what particular font a site is using by visiting MyFonts‘ online application called, WhatTheFont. You can either upload a file, such as a saved screenshot or a logo, or enter the URL of the… Continue Reading →

Meet half way with MeetWays

With the extra security at airports and the escalating prices of plane tickets, sometimes flying can just be a pain in the rump. With the price of gas rising almost weekly, driving can cause you pain at the pump. Sometimes… Continue Reading →

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