With the extra security at airports and the escalating prices of plane tickets, sometimes flying can just be a pain in the rump.

With the price of gas rising almost weekly, driving can cause you pain at the pump.

Sometimes it might be beneficial to split the cost of traveling by meeting in the middle, whether you decide to fly or drive.

So how do you determine the midway point without one or the other of you flying or driving much farther than the other?

You use a site like MeetWays, whose tagline is “Meet Me in the Middle.”

Kristen McCaffrey, Joe Memun and Antonio Perez are the team behind MeetWays. According to their About MeetWays page:

“MeetWays.com was created to allow users to find a point of interest between two addresses.”

The example they use is of wanting to meet a friend or client halfway for dinner or a meeting. You enter the address and/or zip code of your starting point, and the address and/or zip code of your friend’s/client’s starting point, and then MeetWays works its magic and shows you a restaurant, hotel or other point of where you all can meet in the middle.

MeetWays is not limited to the United States, and they assert that they can help you find half-way points in over 150 countries. There are even 36 countries on MeetWays’ list where they are able to provide you with business listings. Go to the Meet Business page to see ideas of how to use MeetWays to lower your business travel costs.

MeetWays boasts that they’ve been able to find at least 966,489 half way points since starting their service in 2008. They’ve even added the most popular Meeting Points to their site to save you time in recreating those searches. A few of them are:

On their FAQ page, MeetWays answers the question of how they are able to find these half way points between two places:

“MeetWays uses Google maps, driving directions, and a little bit of math to determine where the exact halfway point between two locations is. Once we have that location, MeetWays searches for the business you requested around that halfway point using the Google Local Search API.”

Need to use MeetWays while you’re away from your home computer or notebook? No problem. There’s MeetWays Mobile for that! Use the internet browser on your Android, Blackberry, iPhone or other smartphone to access MeetWays’ mobile site in over 35 countries.

What are you waiting for? Go try out MeetWays now!

Even if you don’t have anyone to meet halfway in the near future, the site is fun to test out, and you’ll already be familiar with it when you need it.

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