It’s not free computer stuff, but it’s free nonetheless, and you can access this service from your computer.


Are you going to be away from your home and/or business for several days?

Don’t allow your letters and parcels to accumulate outside.

Let the United States Postal Service hold your mail for free at the facility that services your area, and they’ll even deliver the entire bundle to you free once you return.

To make a hold request, go to the Hold Mail Service page on the USPS website.

They will hold your mail from three to 30 days at no charge.

You can only have one request active at a time, but you can use the service over and over again. I’ve taken advantage of the service at least 10 times since I learned about it.

In addition to delivering your collected mail, the USPS gives you the option to go by your local post office and pick up your held mail.

If you choose to pick up the mail yourself, you have 10 days from the time the hold request expires to do so, or the USPS will return all mail to sender(s).

Something I discovered the last time I made a hold request is that the page doesn’t seem to work well in Google Chrome. You get all the way to submitting your request, and it won’t let you. I’ve had no problems using the service in Firefox or Internet Explorer, however.

Whatever takes you away from home/business for an extended period of time, use the USPS’s Hold Mail Service to make sure unsavory characters can’t tell that you’re away because mail is piling up and spilling out of your box.

Maybe there are no unsavory characters targeting your property, but what if your mailbox is so full that it doesn’t close properly and the rain/sleet/snow falls and soaks everything in the box? UGH!

The service also keeps you from having to depend on family, friends and neighbors to collect your mail. Your less-organized helper may not put all your mail together in one place and important and/or time-sensitive documents could get misplaced.


Your helper could be out of town him/herself when you get back in town, and you have to wait for him/her/them to get back to get your mail. That’s not a big deal if you’re not expecting anything important, but do you ever know 100% that there’s not something important coming through the mail?


The service is free, and it’s convenient.

I’ve never been disappointed by/with the service, and I highly recommend it.


it’s free! 🙂

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