Take the guess work out of finding out what particular font a site is using by visiting MyFonts‘ online application called, WhatTheFont.

You can either upload a file, such as a saved screenshot or a logo, or enter the URL of the site where the font exists. If you are uploading a file, make sure it’s 2MB or smaller. That is the size limit stipulated by MyFonts.

Once you’ve decided how WhatTheFont will analyze the font, by file or URL, the next step in the process is character selection. WhatTheFont will attempt to recognize as many characters of the font in the image or from th URL you provide.

If there are boxes that are left blank, DO NOT fill anything in. In the boxes that have characters, you want to make sure the recognized character matches the character highlighted above it. If it does not, change it to match the character above it.

Once you click continue, you’ll be taken to the results page. You may see zero to several results. At this point, you’ll need to decide from all the results returned by WhatTheFont which result is exactly or close to the font you’re looking for.

Once you decide which result you’ll use, you can click on it and be taken to the example of all the letters and numbers in that font. You’ll also be able to obtain the font at this point. There may or may not be a cost.

If you decide that you have not chosen the best font, you can click your browser’s BACK button and choose another font.

What do you do if WhatTheFont doesn’t recognize your font? According to their site:

Submit your image to the WhatTheFont Forum to have your image viewed by font geeks the world over. Or try Identifont to identify your font by answering a series of questions about the letter shapes.

Happy font finding!

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